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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How much should I take?

A:The recommended daily dosage for normal use is 10 drops per day in any liquid.

Some people are sensitive to detoxification.  If you have any sort of mild reaction to the recommended dosage, reduce it to 4 drops per day and then gradually increase to 5.  

Q: Why should I take ORËÁ™?

A: We all are exposed to toxins every day in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. In spite of the fact that the body can efficiently expel many toxins, over time, toxins can accumulate in the fat cells and bones of the body.  At some level of accumulation, they can cause serious health issues, such as cancer.  More evidence of the negative health effects of toxin accumulation is being generated by researchers each month.

If you have dental amalgams, work with strong cleaners, eat a lot of fish, live near a power plant or a strip mine or work on a farm or in the building trades, you are especially likely to have accumulated toxins in your body. If you are in the military, or in the mining or the oil and refining industries you have a heightened risk of toxin exposure.

Q: How do I know ORËÁ™ works?

A: ORËÁ is supported by placebo-controlled studies, heavy metal removal data and laboratory testing. 

Q: Why is ORËÁ™ special?

A: ORËÁ is bioavailable and therefore works throughout the body, not just in the digestive system, benefitting all cells and tissues as heavy metals and other toxins are removed.  It penetrates the blood-brain barrier where it can help remove toxins not accessible by other methods. Critical health indicators are improved significantly with only 90 days of use. 

Q: What changes should I experience?

A: Typically, within 4 to 6 weeks, you will experience increased energy, concentration and focus. Everyone reacts differently because of the different toxins and levels in the body and your body's unique chemistry.  You may find your energy, memory and mental clarity increasing. Your sleep may improve and you may experience increased dreaming. You may find yourself becoming less irritable and functioning better at the end of a long day. Some people increase their water intake, because ORËÁ helps hydrate cells.  Others have noticed increases in muscle strength.  Products being taken for easing of joint pain may become more effective.  

Q: Why do I need detoxification?

A: Our bodies cannot escape contact with heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and other toxic substances that lurk in the air, water, food and products of all kinds. The abundance of toxins overwhelms the body's defenses. Regular and thorough detoxification is recommended by health experts as a most effective way to support the body's natural immune system, restore energy and support good health.

Q: How do I know if I have toxins in my body?

A: Typical signs of excessive toxins are lack of energy, poor sleep, body aches, memory loss, mood changes, fatigue, and loss of mental clarity.

Q: How long will it take for me to notice the beneficial effects of ORËÁ™?

A: ORËÁ is intended for use on a daily basis. The effects of consistent detoxification are cumulative. It may be 4 to 6 weeks before you notice a distinct improvement in overall health and well-being and the reduction of symptoms caused by bioaccumulation of toxins.

Q: Can ORËÁ™ be used as a preventative?

A: ORËÁ is an effective anti-oxidant, detoxifier and an agent that supports the body's immune system.  Many people, after at least six months of use, continue at a full dosage level or they adopt a reduced maintenance dosage.

Q: Will ORËÁ™ interfere with any other medications?

A: If you are taking any prescription medication, you should ALWAYS check with a medical professional before using ORËÁ or any health supplement or medicine of any kind.