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We are all concerned about memory loss, lack of ability to concentrate and occasional mental fog. Numerous studies have shown that toxins in our air, water and food contribute to these and other "mental" issues, such as irritability and mood swings. These toxins include mercury, lead, cadmium, aresenic, other biotoxins, pesticides, and those contained in everyday household products. The body’s natural defenses can be overcome by a buildup of these toxins. Removing these accumulated toxins is the first step toward memory improvements.

ORËÁ helps remove heavy metals from the body. It helps remove lead and mercury which are commonly associated with memory problems. The term "Mad as a Hatter" came from the high levels of mercury to which hat makers were exposed. It also helps remove aluminum and copper which have been shown to contribute to memory loss and reduction in cognitive functions. 

ORËÁ has been shown to stimulate electrical activity in the brain1. Interstitial scanning shows how brain activity is increased with only 60 days use of ORËÁ. Benefits reported include clear memory, ability to concentrate longer, less irritability, more restful sleep, and increased ability to perform complex tasks.