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Remove Body Aches & Pains

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Body Aches & Pains

The CDC and NIH have identified toxins as contributing to fatigue and body aches1. Studies have identified a link between toxic wastes stored in the body and muscle or body soreness2ORËÁ has been shown, in a placebo-controlled study, to help improve critical wellness indicators. 

Fatigue and pain seem to increase as we age and can impact our quality of life. Body aches and pains are not a necessary part of aging. Toxins may have built up in the body and be blocking normal functions.  ORËÁ helps remove heavy metals, biotoxins, solvents, pesticides, and chemicals that can contribute to fatigue and body aches and pains. These toxins can accumulate in muscle tissues, connective tissues, fat on cell walls and around nerve endings, thereby reducing what are normally pain-free functions.   

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