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Symptoms of Toxicity

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Symptoms of Toxicity

"Heavy metal toxicity" results from an excessive build-up of metals in the body, usually over a period of years. So-called "heavy metals" like mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and others are normally discharged from our bodies through the natural functioning of the liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system, lungs and skin. However, a small minority of us have a genetic variation that impedes their perfect functioning. For the rest of us, trace amounts of heavy metals may accumulate, unnoticed, over time.  They are stored in the fat surrounding our cells. As the toxic burden accumulates slowly, almost imperceptible changes occur that can impact our physical and mental health.


The symptoms are often misdiagnosed as a chronic condition, and treated accordingly, with varying levels of relief; are simply dismissed as a normal part of the aging process or are, perhaps, attributed to the patient's imagination. In any event, nothing is done to test for heavy metal toxicity, so the source of the symptoms is never dealt with and the accumulation continues.


Heavy metal toxicity has been linked to many serious disease conditions. However, many of us have less serious, but nevertheless disquieting, problems that interfere with our quality of life. Although the only certain way to determine heavy metal toxicity in the body is a competent and thorough medical examination that includes appropriate blood, urine or hair testing, there are symptoms that may indicate the presence of toxicity, such as those listed below. 

ORËÁ unique, formula has been tested and proven to help eliminate toxins from the body, when used on a regular basis.


Symptoms of Toxicity
Loss of energy Nausea Body aches and pains
Memory loss Mental Fog Cold feeling in spots
Mild Depression Vision Problems Muscle stiffness
Anxiety Nervousness Weakened Immune system
Restlessness Skin irritation Lack of energy

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